Almere is a planned city and municipality in the province of Flevoland, Netherlands, bordering Lelystad and Zeewolde. After World War II, housing was needed for the rapidly growing population of Amsterdam and two towns were planned in the polders Oostelijk Flevoland and Zuidelijk Flevoland. The town in Oostelijk Flevoland became Lelystad. The town in Zuidelijk Flevoland was still called Zuidweststad on the first sketches, but in the 1970s it became called Almere, which makes Almere the youngest city in the Netherlands. Its social history has started in November 1976. From the early nineteen eighties, Almere has profiled itself as an international sports city, starting with the Holland Triathlon (now called Challenge Almere-Amsterdam). Nowadays, the city area has been developed into well-planned residential areas with parks, lakes, modern infrastructure and excellent transport connections. Almere is also the Netherlands’ youngest city – 56% of the inhabitants under the age of 40.